Saturday, October 16, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Yesterday's Tote Board: Republicans ALMOST hit $1 Million, Did Pitch a Shutout

We filed four money reports on our "Following Money In Arizona's Politics" series yesterday/today, but did not really take a moment to stop and total them up until just now.  Quite the stunning result.  Republicans and Republican-affiliated groups filed expenditures NEARLY spent $1 Million dollars in the Grand Canyon State yesterday.  (Unfortunately, about 1/2 of that COULD be coming from undisclosed corporate contributions.) Democrats and their affiliated groups spent ZERO during the same period.

Please supply your own drum roll as we go to the tote (total) board............... $991,640.84!!!

Brief recap (check out the links for more detail):
1) NRCC spent $248,698.21 against Kirkpatrick, more than $382,000 against Mitchell.
2) NRA spent $25,555.58 for Kelly, $3,035.25 for Schweikert.
3) ATR spent more than $230,000 attacking Grijalva.
4) CFRW spent more than $112,000 attacking Giffords.
5) ATR spent $40,709.00 attacking Kirkpatrick.

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