Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AS SEEN ON TV: Slew of Campaign Ads Last Night, Most Smelled Like A Slough

In about one hour of watching some local news (Phoenix) and the beginning of Letterman (through the 1st segment with Charles Barkley), I got to see nine minutes of campaign ads. Here's my list:

--McCain: not worried about Glassman, a gentle ad
--DCCC vs. Gosar: twice
--NRCC vs. Kirkpatrick: thrice
--Hulburd vs. Quayle: the dirty
--DCCC vs. Schweikert: twice
--Mitchell vs. Schweikert: twice
--NRCC vs. Mitchell: twice (and at least they got rid of Mr. Magoo)
--Schweikert vs. Mitchell: twice
--COMMITTEE FOR JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS (please read coverage of this elsewhere on Arizona's Politics, New Times)
--Business Leaders of Arizona (funded by Republican Party) vs. Rotellini

PLEASE share which ads you are seeing.  Links appreciated.  Robocalls, mailers, radio ads also welcome.  We'll try to fact check and suss out the money issues as much as possible.

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