Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BEYOND HYPER-PARTISANSHIP: Republican State Sen. Carolyn Allen Endorses Penny Kotterman For State Schools Superintendent; Reminds GOP'ers That The Job Is To Lead PUBLIC Schools

One of the things that ArizonasPolitics.com intends to highlight during the last few weeks of the campaign is efforts to get beyond hyper-partisanship. We believe that most Arizonans are tired of every issue being framed in an Us vs. Them, Republican vs. Democrat, black vs. white partisan way.

Penny Kotterman, Democratic nominee for State Superintendent of Public Instruction released a strongly-worded endorsement from Republican outgoing Senator Carolyn Allen

Allen stated that Kotterman has "the skill set and on-the-ground experience teaching in classrooms in the Arizona public education system."  OK, nice words.  But, here is her quote about the Republican nominee, outgoing State Sen. John Huppenthal:  "Senator Huppenthal, during his time in office, has repeatedly demonstrated his intention to distribute our scarce tax dollars to the religious school system. This office these candidates are running to fill is the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Remember that when you mark your ballot." (bold and underline, Allen's)

The Kotterman campaign also noted that it has received other high-profile endorsements from Republicans:  former State Representatives Susan Gerard, Becky Jordan and Robbie Shaw, as well as Michael Racy of Racy Associates in Tucson, Tim Riester of Riester Public Affairs, and Republican activist Roselyn O'Connell.

The Kotterman campaign


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