Thursday, October 7, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Money Gets BIGGER Day By Day; DCCC and NEA Up Ante - Million Dollar Day, Others Chip In

As we get closer to November, the independent expenditures on behalf of or against Congressional candidates will continue to increase. Arizona's Politics will check in regularly on the reports that these groups must submit to the Federal Election Commission. Here are the details for this week's filings.

Our previous reports on Independent Expenditures in Arizona's Congressional campaigns were posted on October 4, September 30, and September 28.

Local TV stations in Flagstaff, Tucson and Phoenix have reason to smile.  Many reasons, as independent expenditure groups continue to up their ad buys to attack their opponents.  In fact, Tuesday and Wednesday brought more than one million dollars to Arizona's broadcasters. Sure, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ("DCCC") and the National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC") both sent more money to AZ broadcasters this week;  but, so did the National Education Association and the Family Research Council.  Meanwhile, it is apparent that 9 out of 10 dentists support colleague Republican Paul Gosar in his CD1 challenge against Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.  Finally in this edition of "Following Money", we learn the value that the National Right To Life Group puts on advertisements in their newspaper.

1)  The "NEA Fund For Children and Public Education" plunked down $650,000.00 yesterday to produce and run an ad against GOP challenger David Schweikert in CD5.  The biggest single ad buy we have seen yet in this campaign.

2) The "Family Research Council Action PAC" today bought $15,327.00 of ads in the Tucson market attacking Democratic incumbent Gabrielle Giffords.  They spent $2,850.00 to produce the ad.

3) The NRCC yesterday spent $16,300.00 on media opposing Kirkpatrick.  This brings their total spent on that race (so far) to more than $375,000.

4)  The DCCC went big on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.  First, it spent nearly a quarter-million dollars ($247,944.10) on ads attacking Schweikert, and the next day went over a quarter-million ($256,060.19) attacking Gosar.  They also spent an additional $17,561.13 and $10,745.00, respectively, on production.

5)  The American Dental Association's Ind. Exp. committee smiled as they plunked down another $39,133.00 on direct mail on behalf of Paul Gosar, DDS.  They have spent money on other mailers and phone surveying.

6)  Finally, the "National Right To Life PAC" put ads in its "NRL News" on behalf of most of Arizona's Republican congressional candidates.  The House ads for Ben Quayle, Ruth McClung, Jesse Kelly, and Gosar were each valued at $19.15.  The ad for Sen. John McCain is valued at $56.10.

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