Thursday, October 7, 2010

BEYOND HYPER-PARTISANSHIP... NOT!: GOP Party Officials Ready To Punish Grant Woods For Endorsing Rotellini

A couple of weeks ago, former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods (Republican) endorsed Democratic candidate Felecia Rotellini to be the next AG.  Tonight, the Maricopa County Republican Party is ready to strip Woods' vote from county GOP business.  Woods is a Republican Precinct Committeeperson.

Woods lashed back with his response and went public with the party's move.  Both the Arizona Republic and the East Valley Tribune feature different parts of his response.

Some of the more fun lines:
--"According to you, if there were a hypothetical race between Thomas Jefferson, Democrat, and Lindsay Lohan, Republican, I could not endorse Jefferson over Lohan,''
--"Since I am the only Republican elected to the position of Arizona Attorney General in the last twenty years and since I led all candidates on the ballot in 1990 and 1994 and served eight years at AG, it seemed to me that I might be in a position to independently assess who would be the best person to be our next Attorney General. In this year’s election, in my judgment, it is not even close. Felicia Rotellini would be an outstanding Attorney General.

“Many Republicans spent the better part of this year arguing that Mr. Horne is unfit to hold the office of Attorney General and that people should vote for Andrew Thomas. Then, like Mr. Thomas, on the day after he lost they endorsed Mr. Horne. I found their arguments unconvincing before and after the election. But their lack of logic is reflected in your ‘rule.' ”
--"I am disappointed that I won't be able to vote on your important resolutions on 'issues' such as secession from the union and the never-ending pursuit of the president's birth certificate, but I will get over it,''

Outgoing Republican State Sen. Carolyn Allen also endorsed Rotellini at the news conference in September.  No word if the party will move to kick her out of the caucus in the event of a special session.

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