Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FACT CHECK (from New Times): The Democratic Attorneys General Association's anti-Tom Horne Ad

Thanks to the New Times for addressing the anti-Tom Horne ad being run by a front group for the Democratic Attorneys General Association.  Arizona's Politics started discussing that ad last week, and learned that the DAGA was using a front group called the "Committee for Justice and Fairness" to run the ad in violation of Arizona's election laws.  Neither DAGA nor CFJF have registered to expend any monies in Arizona elections, in violation.  Further, the ad does not present who the major contributors to CFJF are - another violation.

Last night, Stephen Lemons, of the New Times, has posted a piece presenting the ad, doing some good fact checking of it, and acquiring comments from both Horne and Rotellini.  (The New Times obviously has more clout than this tiny ol' blog. ;-) )

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