Thursday, September 30, 2010

SUCCESS For "Fact Check Follow-up": Rotellini Campaign Removes Primary-Only Endorsements

It is nice to see a campaign acknowledge and correct its mistakes.  And, nice to see one of our "Fact Check Follow-Ups" prove to be a success.

Yesterday, we posted and publicized a piece noting that the Rotellini campaign was still using primary-only endorsements on its website and Facebook page.  Two weeks earlier, our Fact Check had first brought attention to the endorsement abuse, including the active use of the Republic's endorsement in an e-mail.

Within hours of making e-mail contact, the site and Facebook page were scrubbed clean.  Evan Brown, Communications Director, reported: "Thanks for bringing it to our attention - much of our new media effort is run by volunteers, and this was just something that got overlooked."

Overlooking that the September 15 e-mail was not likely "run by volunteers", Arizona's Politics is glad to see the responsiveness and accountability. 

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