Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apparently, Bristol Not Only Palin Working Media In Arizona

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Not sure if Bristol Palin is going to work drivetime radio in Phoenix. But, this Tweet from KOLD (Channel 13) in Tucson leads me to wonder if her mother, Sarah, is already working for Arizona media.

KOLD News 13

AZ lawmakers grabble with transplant coverage cut

"Grabble"?!? Turns out that Merriam-Webster and other dictionaries actually do list such a word. However, the definition does not quite fit the story:

1: to search with the hand : grope
2: to lie or fall prone : sprawl
Turns out that Channel 13 probably did not come up with "grabble" on their own. Given that other outlets utilizing the AP story also are using it. Perhaps one of our AP Phoenix bureau friends wrote the headline.

I suppose that the word the Tweeter and/or headline writer is groping for is "grapple". But, hey, as Ms. Palin has shown, combo words can be much more entertaining.

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