Thursday, February 3, 2011

WATCH: What Would YOU Do? ABC Airing Undercover Segment From Tucson On Racial Profiling; Preview/Teaser

Tomorrow night, ABC News is airing an undercover segment of "What Would You Do?" that was taped in a Tucson restaurant and focuses on racial profiling in the wake of Arizona's international attention resulting from last year's passage of SB1070.

The one-hour Primetime will air at 8:00p.m. on KNXV (Channel 15) in Phoenix and KGUN (Channel 9) in Tucson.

ABC has put up a news story detailing what happened when host John Quinones went undercover and also hired an actor to portray a White security guard who starts asking people for ID.  Non-Hispanic patrons confront the security guard/actor.

The video that ABC apparently has up on its site does not seem to be working properly, so the teaser below is taken from the Newsbusters' website that has already proclaimed the report as an example of liberal media stretching the boundaries of journalism.  The organization puts up the transcript from this morning's tease on Good Morning, America. 

(Interestingly, GMA host George Stephanoupoulos' Tweet on the subject links to the Newsbusters article and not ABC's own.)

I cannot help but wonder what the results of their undercover operation would have been if they (a) had tried it in Phoenix, and (b) if they had tried it at a restaurant that does not serve great Mexican food.

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