Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Peace. Love. Gabby." Wristband Orders Blast Off... Again

UPDATE:  I just received word from Ryan Pont that they have received about 80 orders for the wristbands since the launch last week, and will ship all orders by Saturday.  (Probably a quick turnaround now that finals are over!)  He notes that all proceeds go to the Gabe Zimmerman Community Partnership of Southern Arizona Scholarship Fund though the Arizona State University Social Work School in Tucson, and that the initial presentation of the donation will be made this summer.

When the Space Shuttle Endeavour commander and crew floated their turquoise blue "Peace. Love. Gabby." wristbands into the "air" this morning, it was inevitable.  I received an e-mail from someone looking for one for herself, and I noted that others found my site by Googling for the wristbands.

There must be many more people who found the website where the wristbands can be ordered, and sales/donations are probably back into orbit.  The two interns (Danielle Dobrusin and Ryan Pont) for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords came up with the wearable reminder of those killed and wounded in the attempted assassination/shooting spree a couple of weeks after it occurred on January 8.  They quickly sold out their 5,200 wristband order.

Proceeds from the $2 wristbands go to a scholarship fund in memory of Gabe Zimmerman, the Congresswoman's outreach director who was killed on that awful day.  The scholarship will provide assistance for Tucson students in ASU's School of Social Work.

Here's the video (go to about the 29:30 mark, but stick around for the rest of the hijinks), and here's the link if you want to learn more or order your own.

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