Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WATCH: Meghan McCain On "Tonight Show" Rips (and Rips, and Rips) On Palin, Beck, etc.

Arizona Senator John McCain daughter Meghan McCain spent two segments on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" last night, and was in rare form (OK, she is usually this up and outspoken).  There were repeated references - even when she was asked about other stuff - to Sarah Palin;  the bridges were burned long ago and noone wants to rebuild them.

A couple of her quotes:

Re: the anti-skin cancer PSA and talk show host Glenn Beck's juvenile response:  "No man will make me a victim.  Least of all, Glenn Beck."

Re: Sarah Palin possibly buying a house in Arizona and possibly running for the Senate seat here:  "I don't think she can (run), ever since the blood libel response in Tucson.  I just really don't want to go home to Phoenix and run into her in the grocery store.... I stopped trying to understand her a long time ago." 

McCain also (re-)pitched her belief that the Tea Party movement in the Republican Party is losing steam, and expressed praise for Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman among the 2012 candidates.

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