Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sheriff's PR Pros Must've Abandoned Him On Birth Certificate News Release

I'm thinking that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's well-paid media team must have abandoned him when it came to writing up the news release for today's big press conference on the not-quite-conclusive results of the investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate. The five-page news release seems more akin to something written by birth certificate expert Jerome Corsi.

And, the paid PR staff likely would not have inserted section headings into the release, ending with one titled "Conclusive Remarks". Especially, when the next sentence is anything but conclusive:

Conclusive remarks
Sheriff Arpaio stresses that these are preliminary findings....

Much more troubling than who wrote the news release and whether they inadvertently used a word that indicates that Arpaio has reached a conclusion on the evidence, is why any Maricopa County resources are being used in this matter; here is a post shedding more light on that.

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Phoenix Justice said...

A great media stunt in typical Sheriff Joe fashion. Lots of fluff for his supporters and no substance for the tax payers.