Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not the Same Safeway, But Barber Makes Statement With First "Congress On Your Corner" ; Also Gets Website Up and Running, Other Developments

Newly sworn-in Rep. Ron Barber is certainly sending a message, ending his first week as Congressman with a "Congress On Your Corner" at a Tucson Safeway store.  It was at another such store that he and his predecessor, Gabrielle Giffords, were shot.  Thirteen others were killed in the mass shooting that followed the attempted assassination.

Barber will listen to and speak with constituents at the Safeway at Grant and Craycroft (one of my favorite Tucson Safeways) from 9:00-10:30 Saturday morning.  While his office's press release does not mention the symbolism - Giffords also completed that tragic 2011 constituent event shortly before she retired to focus on her recovery - it certainly sends a message that he does not intend to be cowed from outreach.

“This event is the first of many I will hold so that I can be accessible to all of my constituents throughout Southern Arizona,” Barber said today. “I will not become isolated in Washington. My work at the Capitol will be influenced by what I hear and learn here in Arizona.”

Another news release from the Congressional office touts how Barber "cross(ed) party lines" in his first day votes, in order to increase border security.  Arizona's Politics earlier noted his series of votes which went against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the majority of fellow Democrats. 

In other developments, the House finally got Barber's official website up and running within the past 24 hours.  During the period that the seat was vacant, CD8 constituents had no website to access resources, even though the office remained running for such matters.  The website did not "go live" until late yesterday or early today, even though he was sworn in on Tuesday.  The office also has Twitter and Facebook up and running.

Finally, accentuating the nature of this strenuous Special Election/Re-election situation to replace Giffords, shortly after Barber's Congressional office sent out the news release, the Barber re-election campaign sent out a fundraising letter (under the title "What a Week!").  As noted earlier, no rest.  

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