Saturday, June 23, 2012


Unfortunately, I will be out of commission for the next week or so.  I had a feeling that the Supreme Court would not cooperate by issuing its opinion on U.S. v. Arizona this past week.  I was looking forward to reporting on the decision and the aftermath.  PLEASE, feel free to post your reports, opinions, questions about it in the comment section below.  (I have adjusted the comments settings to permit non-anonymous comments without moderation - please, keep it clean.)

I also have a hunch that there will be a lot of great Arizona political happenings while I am gone - feel free to post here on those.  And, as always, if you have any story ideas for me, please e-mail them to me or leave a voice mail.

Thanks to those of you who read (or, stumble upon) this little blog o' mine.  And, especially to those of you who have given me feedback (positive or negative).

See you in a week or two.

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