Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BREAKING: Vernon Parker's "Defend Sheriff Joe" Operation Delinquent In IRS Filings

(See update article, terminating organization but not filing disclosure reports)

Congressional candidate Vernon Parker (R-running in CD9) has been the Chairman of a free-lancing pro-Sheriff Arpaio organization since 2010, sending out numerous e-mails to raise money and support; that organization failed to file required disclosure reports at least twice in 2011 and twice so far in 2012.  Those reports would detail the contributions he has received from across the country and where the monies have gone.

"Defend Sheriff Joe" was formed in the autumn of 2010 by Vernon Parker to "defend Sheriff Joe's reputation against the Obama administration's effort to stop enforcement of our immigration laws and to change elected officials so that more representatives are elected who are willing to enforce our laws and support the police on the front lines."  Parker is listed as the Chairman, a former member of Nathan Sproul's Lincoln Strategy Group (Gary Bae) is Director, and a California bookkeeper (Kelly Lawler) is the Treasurer.

The organization collected nearly $115,000 ($114,916) in the last four months of that year, sending nearly $80,000 ($79,488) of it to the Lincoln Strategy Group.  It filed all of the necessary reports that year.

However, even after the 2010 election cycle was over, the 527 group (a political organization exempt from paying taxes, operating pursuant to Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code), Defend Sheriff Joe continued to actively raise money.  Arizona's Politics wrote about DSJ's efforts to convince Arpaio to run for the U.S. Senate seat that Jon Kyl (R-AZ) had just announced that he would not seek re-election to (in February 2011).  That was followed up by a report noting that the "pre-Valentine's Day money bomb" raised nearly $20,000 in one weekend (and in small contributions).

The IRS requires that all 527 file monthly or semi-annual disclosure reports in odd-numbered years, and quarterly or monthly reports in even-numbered years.

Arizona's Politics reached the Treasurer of Defend Sheriff Joe - she had prepared/signed the previous reports; she asked for an opportunity to look up the information and have someone get back to me.  An e-mail has also been sent to Vernon Parker's campaign.

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