Friday, July 27, 2012

YEAH, WE'RE LAUGHING AT YOU, ARIZONA: Romney's Olympics Gaffe Prompts Poke At Utah Prompts Joke At Arizona (WATCH)

Even when Arizona elected officials are not getting the state in the national (or, international) news - hey, the Arpaio trial did not feature any blockbusters yesterday - our state manages to be (part of) the butt of a joke.

I had not noticed it before, but Politico posts a video in the morning of some of the political jokes from the previous night's TV shows.  A 30-second bit from the Colbert report (starts at the :30 mark, too) is what prompted me to re-post this - it has to do with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's remark about the London Olympics' "disconcerting" preparedness, which prompted Prime Minister David Cameron's retort about Romney's Salt Lake City Winter Olympics:

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