Wednesday, December 10, 2014

UPDATE, #AZ02 McSALLY/BARBER RECOUNT: Rep. Barber Losing Staffers While Hoping For Recount Reversal, McSally Has Armed Services Committee Assignment Awaiting

While the recount of the #AZ02 contest between Rep. Ron Barber (D-Cd2) and GOP challenger Martha McSally winds down, reports are surfacing about two Barber staffers securing positions elsewhere and about McSally's committee assignments if the current results hold.

Legistorm reported today that Barber's staff has lost military legislative assistant Jeremy Wilson-Simerman and legislative correspondent/press assistant Julia Nash.  No word on their new positions, nor on whether other members of his staff are executing exit strategies.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Star reported yesterday that McSally has a seat on the House Armed Services Committee waiting for her.  McSally is a well-known retired USAF Colonel.

The mandatory recount is underway, with both Pima and Cochise counties recounting the ballots this week.  A hearing on the recount results is set for next Tuesday.  McSally held a 161-vote lead going into the recount.  A legal contest of the recounted results could be filed by the losing candidate.

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