Tuesday, September 8, 2020

BREAKING: Kanye Loses Arizona Supreme Court Appeal, Off the Ballot In Key Swing State

Sidestepping the issue of Kanye West's registration as a Republican in Wyoming, the Arizona Supreme Court nonetheless kept him off of Arizona's November 3 ballot. They instead based today's decision on the fact that the rapper/celebrity had not filed the legally-required Statement of Interest before collecting signatures to be placed on the ballot. That statute was recently enacted by the State Legislature.

The court challenge to West's last minute effort to get on the Arizona ballot was primarily based on the fact that both West and his slate of electors (for the Electoral College) were registered as Republican, and that he could thus not get on the ballot by collecting signatures as an independent candidate. The issue of the Statement of Interest became an after-thought, and the trial court judge did not address that requirement in his ruling last week.

To read the Supreme Court's Decision Order, please head over to Arizona's Law (our sister site).

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