Thursday, February 9, 2023

NEW and FIRST: Hamadeh Supporter Sets Up Federal SuperPAC... To Support His Rearview Mirror AZ AG Campaign (READ Filing)

Abe Hamadeh lost his 2022 election for Arizona Attorney General, and the position is not up for election again until 2026. He is continuing to contest his super-close loss to Kris Mayes, with a Motion for a New Trial pending in Superior Court.

However, a new federal SuperPAC - along with a new website - will allow you to make unlimited contributions to support his quest.

The "Arizona's Bold Era PAC" (aka ABE PAC) filed with the U.S. Federal Election Commission late Tuesday night. Interestingly, no concurrent state filing seems to have been made.

ABE PAC is an independent expenditure effort, which means it cannot coordinate efforts with Hamadeh. The only name attached to it is the Virginia woman who filed the statement of organization, Maria Wojciechowski.

Wojciechowski is also the treasurer for the well-funded American Patriots PAC and an America First Oklahoma PAC. We have reached out to her to learn more, and will update as warranted.

The first finance report is not due to be filed until the end of July.

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