Monday, June 27, 2011

OFF-TOPIC (pretty much): Bill Cosby Is A Very Cranky Fellow. WRONG!

One of the cool things about Twitter is the ability to follow a diverse group of individuals (and non-individuals).  The result is that you just never know what will catch your eye among the ever-rising flood of messages.

I added Bill Cosby last year because I was going to see him in concert (again) and I wanted to ask him a question about the show.  I rarely take a second look at his Tweets - which are generally a tame gumbo of promos and responses to fans.  Maybe today's caught my eye because I had just seen LouisC.K. on a late night talk show.

Here's the Tweet: "Thank you @louisck for enjoying my work. Nod to @andrewrgoldman & his editor(s) for the honest question about me."

I followed Cosby's link to see the praise, and because I wondered what "honest question" had been raised.  The NY Times article (interview) in question is about 1 1/2 weeks old now.  The relevant section is initiated by the reporter asking C.K. who is funnier (sic, NYT, sic) than he is:
Of all the comedians working today, who’s funnier than you?

I don’t think you can quantify it that way. It’s like boxing — there are people who are set up according to weight and how big their hands are and stuff. But the best comedian I’ve ever seen live is Bill Cosby, and this was only about a year and a half ago.

Cosby? Really. I thought he’d become a crank in his old age.

No. Go see him. Two-hour-long show, 400 ways to get a laugh. It’s like being a brawler and going to see somebody do jujitsu like a master.

I love how the Cos did not say anything more.  (Nor does his website, of course.)  The understatement made it.  Of course, the answer is that he is NOT "a crank".  (Even if he does yell at the kids to get off of his lawn, NOONE could do it with the humor that he would!) 

Now, to (try to) tie it in to the other news that Arizona's Politics has been featuring so far today, with a personal recollection: the last time I saw him in concert here in Arizona - a couple of years ago - Cosby briefly displayed a bit of political crankiness when he riffed on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  Thomas was among the five-member majority in today's opinion overturning the matching funds provisions of Arizona's Clean Elections campaign finance system. 

P.S. My own attempt at understated-ness.

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