Saturday, June 4, 2011

WATCH: Sarah Palin Hasn't "Really Considered" Running For Arizona Senate Seat

It took a spur-of-the-moment, look-who-is-here-walking-through-our-airport interview to finally find out that Sarah Palin has not even "really considered" running to be John McCain's Arizona Senate mate.  Channel 15 (KNXV ABC15, Phoenix) was set up to film a father-son reunion at Sky Harbor airport Friday afternoon when McCain's former running mate walked by.

Reporter Corey Rangel had the presence of mind to start asking her questions, and got her to acknowledge that a Senate run is not what motivated her purchase of a home here: 
"That's not what my plan is, no.  I haven't really considered that at all.  But, thanks for asking.  You have some great senators here, though. I appreciate both of them."
Daughter Piper provided the excuse to end the interview without answering the question about her presidential aspirations.  And, the question about her temporary escape of what is supposed to be her latest bus tour will have to wait for the next inadvertent interview.

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