Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WATCH, IN CONTEXT: Barack Obama Walks and Talks About Gabrielle Giffords

President Barack Obama was interviewed yesterday by new Today Show co-host Ann Curry.  The interview was aired this morning.

As they strolled, Curry asked the President about Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-CD8).  Obama saw her last month, when they were both in Florida for the scheduled launch (it was delayed) of the Space Shuttle.  The transcript and the video from the entire segment are below the break.

back now at 7:46 with more of our exclusive interview with president barack obama . we met in north carolina on monday where the president was visiting a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting. and we took a few moments to catch up on the first family and the remarkable recovery of the president's friend congresswoman gabrielle giffords .

>> to see her now walking and talking and laughing, she's still got some recovery to do, but what an incredible spirit she is and her husband has been there every step of the way. her family has been there every step of the way. the people of arizona have been there every step of the way. so i think she's just going to keep on getting better.

>> she looks beautiful in the photographs, that's for sure. she looks better than a lot of people thought she would.

>> looks better in person.

>> have you spoken to her lately?

>> the last time i saw her we went down to cape canaveral . we were going to watch astronaut kelly, her husband, go up on the space shuttle . they couldn't launch that day. but i had a chance to spend time with her. as i said, it's almost unimage nabl. it's a genuine miracle.

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