Thursday, August 4, 2016

BREAKING: GOP VP Nominee Pence Refuses To Endorse Arizona Sen. McCain; Gingrich Breaks From Trump On McCain

(UPDATE: 12:25pm: Politico is reporting that Trump close advisor and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich IS endorsing Trump.)

NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell is reporting that GOP Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence declined today to back Arizona Senator John McCain in his re-election battle.

Pence apparently made his comments today to reporters, not in a public forum. He met with McCain earlier this week while Pence campaigned in Tucson and Phoenix. Pence broke with GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump yesterday when he endorsed House Speaker (and friend) Paul Ryan.

Trump roiled the GOP two days ago when he told the Washington Post that he would not endorse McCain or Ryan. McCain has indicated that he will continue to support "the party's nominee".

McCain is facing a primary battle from Kelli Ward, who has praised Trump. Early voting ballots began to go out this week and election day is August 30.

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