Thursday, August 25, 2016

GLASS HOUSES: Gov. Brewer Hits Clinton On Corruption, Forgets About Questionable Jan PAC Contributions

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) took to Fox News tonight to hammer Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about "corruption" and "pay-to-play". She has apparently forgotten that a significant portion of her personal SuperPAC/travel fund came from similarly-situated contributors.

Here is the Fox News tweet with her (ahem) money quote on the subject:

(The interview is now available, and is presented in its entirety here.)

Arizona's Politics has written extensively on Brewer's federal and state SuperPACs - which can and do receive unlimited contributions.

The most intriguing was when Infrastructure Corporation of America ("ICA") made a $10,000 paymnt to Jan PAC on February 19 (2013), spent $12,870 flying her from Arizona to Tennessee and a Republican Governors Association meeting in D.C. (and, back) that week, and gathered more than $60,000 in other Tennessee-related contributions that week.  ("Governor Brewer, Personal SuperPAC Benefit From Company Privatizing Arizona Rest Stops")

That same week, ICA submitted an unsolicited proposal to Arizona (ADOT) to privatize the state's rest areas. That $18.3M contract was finalized and is still in effect. ("Arizona Privies Privatized (Pretty Privately)! Tennessee Company Takes Over Highway Rest Stops, Now Looking For Advertisers")

Additionally, Jan PAC raked in contributions from others who had reason to court Arizona's Governor, including more than $25,000 from healthcare companies in proximity to her controversial decision to accept Obamacare money for Arizona's Medicaid system (AHCCCS).  ("Governor Brewer's Personal Super PAC Raises Nearly Quarter-Million Dollars In 2013; Healthcare, Construction Big Contributors")

Although she has been out of office for more than 1 1/2 years, Brewer is still sitting on more than $338,000 in Jan PAC. She has appeared to use it primarily for political airfare and lodging, and has not supported any candidates (or causes) in nearly four years.

We do not know exactly what transpired between Brewer and SuperPAC contributors, Clinton and Clinton Foundation givers, or even former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his benefactors - Governor Brewer signed on to an amicus brief supporting McDonnell's actions, when it was before the U.S. Supreme Court - but we do know that former Governors who live in glass houses should stay away from stones.

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Michael Bryan said...

“It’s absolutely corruption, and it is very obvious that it’s pay-to-play.” She was speaking of JanPAC, clearly. What a hypocrite.