Friday, August 19, 2016

Step Aside, Trump! Jones Actually Is Self-Funding Congressional Bid

She may not be wealthier than Presidential nominee, and an Arizona Congressional campaign is not close to a national race - but Christine Jones IS self-funding her campaign. Jones, the former general counsel for GoDaddy, has put $1.66M of her own money into the campaign account in the hotly-contested battle to replace Rep. Matt Salmon (R-CD5).

Jones made most (≈75%) of those loans within the past 3 weeks, and they are disclosed in the pre-primary report due last night. All of her contributions (to date) total just over $38,000. The money was spent primarily on TV advertising.*

As of August 11, she had $360,000 left in the bank. The primary is on August 30, and she is facing primary competition from Andy Biggs, Don Stapley and Justin Olson.

*Unfortunately, there is no separate entry for cardboard cutouts.

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