Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FACT CHECK: GOP-philic Group's Ad Attacking Arizona Rep. Giffords (and others);

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We have been moving Politico's report about the new radio ads that karl Rove's Crossroads GPS group is airing this week against 12 targeted Democratic Representatives who will be up for reelection in 2012. (It is not pressuring any recently-defeated or retired Dems.)  We have already posted the audio and the transcript of the cookie-cutter "She's Baaa-aack" ads.  Now, it is time to check the content.

The 60-second ad makes a number of claims;  here are some:
1) Nancy Pelosi is "trying to raise taxes."
2) Taxes "skyrocket" on New Year's Day.
3)  "Pelosi is blocking the bi-partisan plan to stop these tax hikes."
4) Could bring back "marriage penalty tax", and hike the "death tax".
5) Would "raise job-killing taxes".

TRANSCRIPT: She's baaa-ack. Nancy Pelosi's at it again. Trying to raise taxes while our economy struggles. On New Year's Day, taxes skyrocket for everyone. Unless Congress acts. Even low-income families will see their tax rates increase by 50%. But, Nancy Pelosi is blocking the bi-partisan plan to stop these tax hikes. Her reckless ploy could bring back the marriage penalty tax, and hike the death tax on family businesses, farms and savings. And, whose side is Congressman Gerry Conway on? Will he side with Nancy Pelosi to raise job-killing taxes? Or, with struggling families and small businesses that can create the jobs we need? After two years of bailouts and wasteful spending, enough is enough. Call Congressman Conway at 202-225-1492. Tell him to stand up to Pelosi and demand a vote. It's time to cut spending; not raise taxes. This moment of common sense is sponsored by Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies.

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