Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Votes Today (Saturday); How McCain and Kyl Voted On DREAM Act, DADT, START

The U.S. Senate is in action today (compared to the usual inaction ;-) ).  Quickly, here are the key votes and how Arizona's two Senators voted.

DREAM Act:  Senate failed to limit debate, only reaching 55-41 (short of 60).  McCain and Kyl were part of the 41.

DADT: Senate voted 65-31 to repeal.  McCain and Kyl were part of the 31.  McCain led the opposition, saying that “I hope that when we pass this legislation that we will understand that we are doing great damage.  And we could possibly and probably, as the commandant of the Marine Corps said, and as I have been told by literally thousands of members of the military, harm the battle effectiveness vital to the survival of our young men and women in the military.”

START Treaty, McCain's amendment to take provision out of preamble regarding missile defense:  The amendment was rejected, 37-59.  McCain and Kyl were part of the 37.

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