Monday, December 20, 2010

RECOUNT RESULTS: Prop. 112 Voted Down By Less Than 200 Votes Statewide

Must not have been much of a hearing.  The hearing to certify the statewide recount of Proposition 112 was scheduled for 11:45 this morning.  At exactly 11:46, Judge Oberbillig signed the order confirming that the measure was defeated, by 194 votes. 

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and his office were in charge of coordinating the recount among all of Arizona's counties.  He was pleased that the recount was within 99.996% of the totals tabulated originally:  "The historic nature and sheer scale of this recount made it a learning experience for all of us.  But this exercise confirmed the accuracy of our voting system, and should give voters confidence in the integrity of Arizona elections.”  (Here is the rest of his news release.)

The measure - referred to the ballot by the Legislature - would have amended the Arizona constitution to push back the deadline to file petitions to put initiatives on the statewide ballot.

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