Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rep. Flake Takes Offense; Puns Will NOT Stop... Even If Earmarks Do!

On Sunday, the Arizona Daily Star bemoaned ("Sigh. No More Bad Puns") the demise of the Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Mesa) pun parade.  The political reporters even believed that an earmark ban will mean that he is "out of new material, even as he takes a seat on the House Appropriations committee and pushes for a new subcommittee dedicated to identifying potential cuts."

Not so fast, fellow media member pun connoisseurs (and other pun fans).  Flake must have taken it as a challenge, because the very next day, his office put out a press release comparing the weight of the snow that collapsed the Metrodome roof to the weight of our national debt represented by $100 bills (which is crushing taxpayers).  Flake's comment: "We’re $13 trillion in debt…now that’s an offensive line." Not his punniest, but a pretty clever analogy.

By the way, some are not sure that the voluntary earmark ban promised by the incoming GOP majority in the House is going to hold.  Either way, methinks that nothing will hold back the irrepressible punnyman from Arizona.

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