Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FYI, Ratings On the Three Hotly-Contested Arizona Congressional Districts (All Held By Democrats)

Since we are busy updating on challengers for Arizona's Congressional seats, as well as incoming quarterly finance reports - it is important to note the latest ratings of how contested Arizona's seats are.

You will recall that Democrats won the three very close post-redistricting Congressional races last fall in Arizona - Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick re-taking a seat in CD1, Rep. Ron Barber holding on to his southern Arizona seat in CD2, and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema moving from the state's legislative body to the nation's representing CD9.

The widely-read and respected Rothenberg Political Report rates Barber's seat as one of four "Pure Toss-Ups" in the entire country.  Martha McSally is the only announced GOP challenger to date.

Rothenberg lists Kirkpatrick's district - which encompasses much of rural Arizona - as one of five "Toss-Up/Tilts Democrat" seats in the country.  State Rep. Adam Kwasman has announced an exploratory committee to challenge her.

Finally, Sinema's central Phoenix/East Valley district is listed as "Democrat Favored".  However, she already has four announced GOP opponents.

Arizona's other six Congressional seats are safely in the hands of the incumbents - four Republican and two Democratic.

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