Thursday, June 5, 2014

BREAKING: Horne Accuser Sarah Beattie Lands On Feet, Fundraises For Republican State House PAC

As Attorney General Tom Horne waits to see if any agencies are going to investigate complaints that his AG's office and staff are pulling inappropriate double duty on his re-election campaign, he will be pleased to know that former employee/volunteer and current complainant Sarah Beattie has landed on her feet and is now performing consulting work for an Arizona political action committee.

This week, Horne accused the 26-year old Beattie of spying on him on behalf of his political opponents.  Beattie's fundraising work on behalf of the House Victory PAC - formerly chaired by Rep. Justin Olson (R-LD25) and currently chaired by ex-Rep. Warde Nichols, with former Sen. Jeff Hill as Treasurer - is sure to raise Horne's eyebrows.

The House Victory PAC had previously (February through April) collected $27,000 from several lobbyists and PACs.  On May 21, it disbursed $1,345.40 to Beattie - listing her as a self-employed consultant who performed "fundraising".

There are no obvious connections between the House Victory PAC and Horne's primary opponent (Mark Brnovich) or other Republicans opposing Horne's re-election.  Arizona's Politics calls to Nichols have not been returned, but we will update this article once more information is received.

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