Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MCSO Still Using Taxpayer Money To Chase Conspiracy Theories Re: Obama Birth Certificate, Per Mounting Evidence

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio backtracked furiously in 2012 when news surfaced that he had spent taxpayer money to further his investigation of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.  He has repeatedly indicated that no taxpayer resources are being used in the ongoing investigation beyond those County-paid trips to Hawaii for one Sheriff's Deputy.

However, two stories broke this afternoon providing mounting evidence that the MCSO has - and, IS - expending further resources.

First,  came the Phoenix New Times investigative report (Stephen Lemons) that lays out the case that the current MCSO investigation that grew out of the long-running birth certificate investigation is actually targeting federal Judge G. Murray Snow and Attorney General Eric Holder for planning to "get" Arpaio.  (Snow is the judge who has found that the MCSO has engaged in racial profiling in their immigration enforcement activities.)

Sources have told Lemons that the MCSO has spent more than $200,000 paying a less-than-reliable informant, overtime to the same deputy who traveled to Hawaii, and Mike Zullo - the "volunteer" leader of the MCSO's Cold Case Posse.

Second, "R.C." - a blogger who has written and spoken extensively on the birth certificate conspiracy theorists - published an article today with metadata that apparently shows that MCSO personnel helped Zullo and World Net Daily's Jerome Corsi write a book that profited the individuals.  (This was in early 2012, before the no taxpayer resources backtrack; however, it does show that the scope of MCSO resources may be much greater than previously revealed.)

Arizona's Politics has also reported on the taxpayer resources issue - those February reports were cited today in the New Times piece and previously discussed on R.C.'s program.

The burning questions of the moment are (1) how will Judge Snow react to the news that he is under investigation by the MCSO? Arpaio has already been on his last nerve; and (2) whether Arpaio will receive renewed oversight pressure from the Board of Supervisors and/or the public?

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Nancy Ruth Owens said...

My name is Nancy Ruth Owens and I forged Obama's birth certificates in 1985 for the Medellin Cartel.

Mitch M. said...

Thanks, Ms. Owens!

Mitch M. said...
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Nancy Ruth Owens said...

You're welcome, Mitch! I'm being censored at BirtherReport and many other sites so I've done a copy and paste of other sites I blog on:

@dbksaz@bgansel9 It is sad to see so many Americans so naiive. What to worry about? It's not like any of these events are being investigated. They weren't in the 80's and they aren't now. Mike "Zullo" Moore is a failed investigator out of Hendry County, Florida. Banned by BirtherReport from posting along with all of the other websites that claim interest in this forgery. Oh well. I have plenty of other sites to post on. It looks like people are finally cluing into the "Zullo" con job. I'm thankful for this blogger's site, Arizona Politics. I'll keep following it.

Reality Check said...

Doctor Conspiracy made an interesting observation on his blog this morning:

"Interestingly, Lemons’ article says that Sheriff Joe started working with Montgomery in October of 2013. The very next appearance by Mike Zullo on the Carl Gallups Freedom Friday show, November 22, is where the “Universe Shattering” story originated. Here’s the November 22, 2013, entry from the CCP timeline at RC Radio:

"Carl Gallups interviewed Mike Zullo on his Freedom Friday show. Among other claims, Zullo said that the Maricopa Sheriff’s Dept. was now “deeply involved” with the CCP investigation, and that “they are “working closely together as one team.” Zullo said that he couldn’t provide any specific details, but he asserted that the “whole notion of the Xerox 7655 is out the window,” and they will “annihilate it when the time comes.” Meanwhile, Gallups alluded to a new twist in the CCP investigation and that his listeners should be “patient and prayerful” because “the evidence is mounting up; it’s overwhelming–and it’s not just about the birth certificate.” According to Gallups, the investigation has gone “deeper and darker” than they ever imagined, and that the evidence is “earth shattering, history making . . .potentially.” Zullo added that while he doesn’t know when his new information can be made public, he predicted that when it is released, “it will be universe shattering” and that Gallups will be able to “take this show and play it in the future” as proof he made such a prediction.""

Stephen Lemons will be my guest Wednesday night on Reality Check Radio.

Reality Check said...

Birther Report is censoring comments. Imagine that? LOL