Sunday, June 8, 2014

YEAH, WE'RE LOOKING AT YOU, ARIZONA: Wait! Wait! Arizona Congressional Candidate Does Not Fool National Radio Program

The amazing story of Scott Fistler-turned-Cesar Chavez and his Republican-turned-Democrat 2nd run for Congress from Arizona's CD7 continues to spread.

This weekend, the national public radio program "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" featured the story -broken by Evan Wyloge  at the Arizona Capitol Times this week - during its "Bluff the Listener" segment.  Not surprisingly, the humorously-written (by Mo Rocca) summarization of the sad tale DID NOT fool the contestant and did not seem to fool the live audience.  (It is also likely that it will not fool many voters in CD7.

To get confirmation of which story (of the three desperate-to-win entries) was actually true, Wait! Wait! spoke with Arizona Republic political reporter Rebekah Sanders.

By the way, Arizona's  Politics did cover the original campaign filing (with the FEC) of Mr. Chavez (fka Mr. Fistler) in February.  We had made unsuccessful attempts to contact him, but did not attempt to contact the better-known, late activist with the same name.  However, to be completely honest, we could not have imagined the actual story that we got pretty close to breaking; we thought it was a local guy who just happened to have a famous name.

Side Note: I am not sure about the other great public radio stations in Arizona, but KJZZ (91.5 FM) just had a $5 Friday* to encourage new members to sign up to become  $5/month "sustaining members".  If you missed it, you can still sign up here.

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