Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio Fail To Stump On "Jeopardy"

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe "On Jeopardy, In Jeopardy" Arpaio seemed excited last night when he (or his staff) Tweeted that he has now "made it to the big time" because he was the subject of a "Jeopardy" question (ahem, Sheriff, "answer") last night.  It was not our first thought, but we were curious about what the answer and question were.

Not surprisingly, there are people who (probably illegally) post each episode on YouTube shortly after it airs.  A scan of the category titles helped us locate the answer-question combo easily.

You will find it within the first two minutes of the below segment.  (I will update this post later with the A&Q, so as not to spoil your viewing pleasure.)

Link to video:

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