Thursday, April 14, 2011

READ: Post-Funding Bill Comments From Reps. Flake, Quayle, Schweikert

Here are the comments from three members of Arizona's House delegation, who all voted against the bill to continue funding the federal government through FY2011, in the order in which they hit my e-mail box.  (Although Arizona's Politics always reserves the right to limit the length of these comments, in this case, we did not.)

Rep. Jeff Flake:  “Simply put, the cuts in this bill don’t go deep enough to begin to get us on the right fiscal course.  As President Obama conceded yesterday, the fiscal crisis facing the country is serious.  Unfortunately for taxpayers, this bill doesn’t reflect the seriousness of the problem.”


Rep. Ben Quayle: “Without question, the Republican Majority in the House has brought about a fundamental shift in the dialogue coming out of Washington. Since Members of the 112th Congress took the oath of office, the crux of our debates has been about saving money rather than spending it. Speaker Boehner and the Republican House leadership should be commended for shifting the debate.  However, I do not believe this funding agreement goes far enough to reduce our debt. My constituents sent me to Washington to rein in spending and create jobs. We need to make serious reductions and reforms to ensure that future generations of Americans have the same opportunities that past generations have enjoyed.”


Rep. David Schweikert:
“We have a duty to be unwavering in our commitment to get Washington back on the right track, but today’s bill does not go far enough in doing that. This is the first continuing resolution brought to the House floor this year that does not achieve the $100 billion level of spending reductions that Republicans had pledged.

“I applaud the Republican leadership for forcing the president to the table during this debate. We must continue to change the conversation in Washington from raising taxes and growing government to limiting government and preserving economic freedom.

“House Republicans know we must keep up the fight to cut spending at the scale we need. We can do better and we must do better.”

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