Friday, April 1, 2011

BREAKING: Rep. Trent Franks NOT Running To Replace Sen. Jon Kyl

Moments after posting a story about Arizona Rep. Trent Franks possibly announcing a senatorial campaign tomorrow when appearing with Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, and about his call for "a second Civil War", came news that Franks will not enter the race.

Although we have not located the actual statement yet (on either his congressional website, his campaign - from 2010 - website, or his Twitter feed), the Star (and, earlier, Hotline) has the meat of it:

“After diligently and prayerfully trying to consider every aspect a potential Senate bid would entail, I have sincerely concluded that mounting a Senate bid at this time would not be what is best for my family, nor what would best allow me to serve my country at this critical time in her history."
Hotline also has a quote from the already-announced Rep. Jeff Flake (which was not on his websites or Twitter feed, either):  "Trent is a good friend and I'm glad I won't have to face off against him in a campaign."

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