Monday, April 11, 2011

Newsweek Features Lengthy Report On "What's Really Going On With Gabby Giffords?"

Newsweek Magazine (and, of course) is turning its in-depth eye onto the recovery of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-CD8), and questions whether it is really as rosy as previous reports would have us believe.  "What's Really Going On With Gabby Giffords?" is a 3,616 word featuring many interviews with persons close to the recovery of the intended victim of the January 8 shooting spree which left six people dead and 13 others injured.

The article's conclusion is that those close to the Congresswoman have somewhat exaggerated the progress that she has made in the three months, although she "has indeed made enormous strides", and that noone is certain what her "new normal" will be.  It closes with a final expression of husband (and Space Shuttle Endeavour Commander) Mark Kelly:
Kelly seems to be asking for greater perspective in the public narrative of his wife’s recovery. At the same time, his own expectations for her remain undimmed, and his conviction does not admit the notion that there is a new normal.

“The answer to that is no,” he says, “because she is improving. I was gone for three days down in Florida for terminal countdown tests. I was away for three nights. And I could notice a change, and an improvement, in her ability to communicate” when he returned to Houston. “The doctors are very optimistic about where she’ll be three months, six months, from now. Incredibly optimistic. So we don’t know what that new normal is going to be for her.”

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