Thursday, April 14, 2011

OFF TOPIC: Diamondbacks Tickets

I haven't done this before, but some good friends of mine share season tickets for the Diamondbacks games, and one asked me if I would publicize their plight - they need someone(s) to join their group.  While I would have preferred that they bought a big display ad on this blog, I agreed.

Soooo, if you are interested in FOUR very good seats for 8 or 16 games during the several-month long season, contact them.  They claim that the seats are the best value in the park, and I believe them.

I suppose you could leave your contact information here (he reads the blog), but I don't recommend that.  So, he's set up an e-mail box for contacting him, at

And, my comment:  GO, Diamondbacks!  And, go SEE the Diamondbacks!

P.S. I think it comes with opportunity to go to the All-Star Game(s), and to buy individual game tickets.
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