Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Phoenix Committee Submits Additional Info Supporting Bid To Host 2016 GOP Convention, Has "Excellent Chance", No Matter What Vegas Says; But, Could State GOP Have MAJOR Fundraising Task

The Phoenix committee bidding to host the 2016 Republican National Convention confirmed today that they submitted their formal bid and additional information to the RNC last week - well ahead of today's deadline.  While not disclosing what that info was, committee spokesperson Gordon James told Arizona's Politics that Phoenix continues to have "an excellent chance" to win the lucrative hosting job.

Although Las Vegas is still getting most of the buzz as a host city, James and committee chair Sen. Jon Kyl (retired) remain optimistic.  Kyl repeated today that "Phoenix has a good shot."

However, an interesting development was also reported on today.  Earlier this month, Congress passed - and the President is expected to sign - legislation that will prevent the two major parties from receiving taxpayers' voluntary tax-checkoff dollars to pay for the national conventions.  In a report on NPR this morning, it was reported that the Republican National Committee "suggests that it might be up to them (the successful host city) to find that cash".  In 2012, the parties each received $18 million from the federal fund.

The Political Moneyline article suggests that Las Vegas might have a leg up in that aspect because of proven GOP moneyman and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Phoenix has its GOP fundraisers, but noone at the Adelson (or Koch) level.  (Adelson contributed $5M of the extra $57M the GOP raised in 2012 for the convention in Denver.

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