Saturday, March 22, 2014

WATCH, NEW AD: Blue Dogs Snarl Back, Centrist PAC Spending More Than $200k On Ads Supporting Arizona's (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

(UPDATE, 3/24/14:  You can view the Center Forward ad supporting Sinema here.)

Ads supporting Arizona's two Blue Dog Democrats begin running in Tucson and Phoenix on Monday.  A PAC supporting centrists in both parties is spending more than $200,000 to praise Reps. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) and Ron Barber (D-CD2).

Center Forward is spending more than $750,000 over the next two weeks supporting five Democratic Representatives and two Republicans.  $200,000 of that sum will be spent in the Phoenix market, supporting Sinema; Arizona's Politics is not yet sure how much airtime is purchased in Tucson on behalf of Barber.

Sinema and Barber joined the Blue Dog Democratic Caucus last year; the caucus is composed of moderate Democrats.  Barber's re-election has been targeted by Republicans and Democrats as one of the most closely-contested in the nation;  it is one of six rated as a "pure toss-up".  Sinema is in a swing district, too, but it is currently rated as "Democrat favored".

The text of the pro-Barber ad is below.



"Bickering. Dysfunction. Washington's broken, but Ron Barber is bringing people together to do something about it. He worked with Republicans and Democrats to require that, if Congress doesn't pass a budget, it doesn't get paid.  And Barber has led by example, voting to block a congressional pay raise, refusing his pay during the government shutdown, even donating his congressional healthcare subsidy to southern Arizona charities."

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