Thursday, March 13, 2014

WATCH: 1st Ad In Arizona Governor Campaign; Jones Wants To "Make Arizona The Brightest Star"

(UPDATE, 11:01am: Jones campaign spokesperson Anna Haberlein confirms to Arizona's Politics that "the ad is running statewide."  While she would not give the total amount being spent on this first salvo, and would not disclose whether the campaign had raised the money for the ad buy or whether the candidate has lent more money to her committee, she did say that "as to fundraising, our campaign will have the resources to compete." Jones' committee had $50,000 cash on hand on January 1.)

The first 30-second TV ad in the wide-open race to replace Jan Brewer as Arizona's Governor is on the air today (and posted below), and attorney Christine Jones is promising to "mak(e) Arizona the brightest star."

Jones, who put $500,000 of her own money into the campaign last year and spent it before 2014, has purchased more than $100,00 worth of airtime for this spot in the Phoenix market alone.  It will run for at least the next week.

Yesterday, after Arizona's Politics reported on the first-out-of-the-box ad campaign, a consultant for - and son of - another candidate tweeted that he had heard the spot had been pulled.  The Jones' campaign added some confusion by responding that the ad would run "sooner rather than later."

The ad introduces the former GoDaddy attorney to the public, and emphasizes her belief in the U.S. Constitution, her conservative values and her toughness on illegal immigration.  Interestingly, she notes her background in forensic accounting and not her legal experience.

Jones for Governor | Introducing Christine Jones from Christine Jones on Vimeo.

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Ron Friesen said...

What is a forensic accountant? Does Jones have a degree in accounting? Is she a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?