Monday, August 18, 2014

AUTO-GRAPHED* BUSH SOCKS: Which Arizona GOP Candidate Will Be 1st To Sport These Socks? Selfie Request

The latest Republican must-have fashion accessory popped up in an ad spot as I was starting my morning rounds.  Or, is that a must-not-have accessory?

Very few Republican officials or candidates - especially in Arizona - regularly cite President George H.W. Bush as a role model.  So, when the RNC (Republican National Committee) starts touting these Bush socks, you have to wonder if you will see them show up at any local campaign events.

The only candidate that Arizona's Politics has noticed referencing the elder Bush is Corporation Commission candidate Vernon Parker.  In fact, Parker tried to utilize H.W.'s endorsement in his 2012 Congressional campaign. (Unfortunately, he left out the money quote, which made it appear that it was just a vague letter of praise for a former employee.)

In case you want to buy a pair, here is the direct link.  If you wear it on the campaign trail (or, spot anyone else wearing them), please snap a selfie or a pic and send it to Arizona's Politics!

* The headline hyphen was intentional, as it is hard to imagine the aging former President spending his late summer afternoons with Sharpie in hand, signing darned socks.

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