Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BREAKING, REPORTS: Beheaded Journalist Jim Foley Previously Taught In Arizona

(This guest article was contributed by Phoenix attorney Paul Weich; headline and links added by Arizona's Politics.)
It's now been confirmed that freelancing journalist Jim Foley was beheaded by terrorists in Syria or Iraq.  And, though there are conflicting reports, it appears that Foley taught for some period of time in Arizona before becoming a reporter.

The first report to catch Arizona's Politics' attention indicated that he taught prison inmates in Arizona.  In attempting to find the originating report for that information, as well as more details, we came across this article indicating he taught Phoenix inner-city students through the Teach For America program.

Of course, both reports (or, even neither report) could be correct.  If you have any further information, please email us at or call 602-799-7025.)

Our sincere condolences to Mr. Foley's family and friends.

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