Monday, October 31, 2016

BREAKING/READ: Arizona Democrats Sue Trump/Stone/AZGOP To Stop The Stop The Steal Effort

Hours after Arizona's Politics reported on Donald Trump's "exit polling" efforts in Arizona, the Arizona Democratic Party filed suit against Trump, adviser Roger Stone and the Arizona Republican Party in federal court, asking that the "Stop the Steal" effort be stopped.

The 26-page complaint (below) thoroughly reviews the background of Trump's and Stone's statements and efforts to encourage supporters to monitor polling locations on Election Day (next Tuesday), and claims that the Arizona GOP is complicit.  The suit was filed by the Sarah Gonski in the Phoenix office of Perkins and Coie, with support from its DC office and David Boies' DC firm.

The Complaint alleges potential voter intimidation and violations of the Voting Rights Act, Arizona law and the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, It seeks to stop the parties from questioning voters and to stop training/organizing/"deputizing" any individuals to do so.  It also asks the court to declare that Defendants' proposed exit polling and citizen journalist initiatives are contrary to law, and to publicize that Order to all law enforcement before Election Day.

Interestingly, per the court docket as of 4pm, no requests for emergency hearings or for a temporary restraining order have been filed.

Arizona's Politics has asked the Arizona Republican and Democratic parties for comment, but has not yet received responses.

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