Wednesday, October 12, 2016

READ: Sheriff Arpaio's Re-election Fundraising Plea In Light of Criminal Contempt Proceedings

Copy of the solicitation email Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is sending out to his many thousands of contributors in wake of the hearing in U.S. District Court yesterday, at which criminal contempt of court proceedings were discussed:

MItch – 

This is breaking news that was just announced. I need you to read through it and take a moment torenew your support of me right away. 

In what is clearly pure politics at its worst, DOJ prosecutors have just announced that they will be charging me with criminal contempt of court! And this announcement comes just ONE DAY before early voting begins in my district. 

It is painfully obvious that the corrupt Obama Justice Department is trying to influence my re-election as Sheriff of Maricopa County. It is a blatant abuse of power and the American people should be as outraged as I am. 


Obama and Eric Holder started this garbage eight years ago. Now, with Obama on his way out of office, he and DOJ officials know this is their last shot at taking me down. This highly unusual charge of criminal contempt against an elected local official should be seen for what is really is: a political maneuver by a corrupt Administration to damage me politically and a continuation of its War on Cops. 

Think about this: Hillary Clinton can jeopardize national security and destroy evidence; Lois Lerner can violate the civil rights of thousands of citizens; Eric Holder can be held in contempt of Congress; and none of them faced any consequences. But someone like me who dares enforce the Rule of Law is held to a much different standard. 

I will fight this case tooth and nail because I know these charges are rubbish. I know that in the end, the TRUTH will prevail and my name will be cleared. That is why I am continuing my campaign for Sheriff. 

As someone who has built his life and career around upholding and honoring the law, this is a shocking and personally trying time. But I want to be clear: I have not been found guilty of ANYTHING and I am still running for Sheriff. 


And that is why I am asking for your URGENT support. This was clearly timed perfectly to upset my bid for re-election, with the announcement coming just ONE DAY before early voting begins. 

Despite the very best efforts of those on the left - who have proven themselves willing to sink to any low and use any method necessary to unseat me - I know that with YOUR SUPPORT I can still win in November. 

Honestly MItch, I am now more determined than ever to win this election. I refuse to be bullied into silence, and I will never back down from a fight where my reputation and more importantly our constitutional values are on the line. 

MItch, I never would have expected to be facing criminal charges. But I know that in the end the TRUTH will prevail. 

I need your support MItch now more than ever before. Please stand with me TODAY. 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, 

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