Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BREAKING: Arizona Secy of State Reagan Warns Against Voter Intimidation Efforts (READ)

As the political parties fight in court about possible plans by Trump supporters - as well as White nationalists - to station people outside many polling places on Election Day next Tuesday, Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan this afternoon issued a comprehensive "Guidance" about what constitutes punishable "voter intimidation."

The 2 1/2 page document addresses the use of uniforms, the display of weapons, taking photos or video, and many other possible intimidation methods.

When asked about what prompted the Guidance, Secretary of State Communications Director Matt Roberts tells Arizona's Politics that "The Secretary and our office has been getting a number of emails/calls social media conversations from people concerned with the General Election. She felt it appropriate that she remind people of the rules, laws on the books."

Reagan even advises law enforcement officers (including Sheriff's Posse members) against hanging out within the 75-foot limit, and even that the "excessive use of uniformed law enforcement personnel may have the effect of intimidating voters."

Civilians who wear uniforms, etc to "pseudo-identify" as an officer or official are warned, as well. Reagan also notes that NO private citizens may enter a polling place with a weapon, and she extends that out to the 75-foot perimeter. She asks that people licensed to carry "strongly consider leaving your weapon at home or in your vehicle if you intend to observe voters."

And, although "ballot selfies" are permitted, no other picture- or video-taking is permitted within the 75-foot limit. Outside of that perimeter, it could still be "potentially intimidating."

The rest of the Guidance is also worth a read and is published below (as well as on their website).

The Arizona and national Democrats have filed a federal suit against the state GOP, the Donald Trump campaign and Trump supporter Roger Stone for announced plans to conduct "exit polling" and to monitor polling places.  A hearing on the Arizona case is set for tomorrow afternoon.

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