Thursday, November 3, 2016

No, Joe, You Do NOT Have To Worry About Being Outspent...Even By George Soros!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio worries that he is going to be buried in a "fundraising avalanche" because Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted that her opponent (Donald Trump) supports Arpaio, and that Paul Penzone "is already outspending me because of help from liberals like billionaire George Soros."

Arpaio can rest assured. He has never been outspent. He is not being outspent. He will never be outspent. Not by his opponent, and not even by billionaire George Soros.

Even before his new campaign finance report is filed - due tomorrow - Arpaio already spent more than $10.8 MILLION (through September). Between the August 30 primary and next Tuesday's Election Day, Arpaio will have spent more than $2.4M on television ads attacking Penzone for a disputed domestic violence incident, featuring cute dogs he has sheltered, and proclaiming that he has made residents safer.

That is more than the Penzone campaign and the Soros-funded independent expenditure group Maricopa Srong have spent combined on airtime attacking Arpaio's record. ($1.8M).

To put it into perspective, Arpaio has spent more in less time than John McCain ($10.3M) has running for re-election statewide. (Way more than McCain challenger Ann Kirkpatrick - $7.7M.)

Arpaio has spent more than Arizona's 8 other Congress members...COMBINED! Excluding Matt Salmon, who is not running for re-election, they have spent $10.3M.

In fact, in 2016, George Soros has only spent $9.3M on ALL the federal candidates and committees he helps bankroll!  (State and local level races such as Maricopa Strong and the $1.0M he has put into trying to defeat Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery obviously would put him ahead of Arpaio for the year.)

So, if you have the three-alarm Arpaio email sitting in your inbox and you are inclined to send your hard-earned dollars to the Sheriff's campaign fund, take the being outspent claims with a large, large grain of salt. (For your reading pleasure, the email is re-posted below the jump.)

Plus, don't forget, Arpaio has his own billionaire who could help him get over the hump. The one that Clinton was really targeting with her tweet (made while she was in Arpaio territory).

*All figures calculated from filings with Maricopa County Elections (Arpaio), the Federal Communications Commission (broadcast/cable/radio expenditures), and the Federal Elections Commission (Congressional candidates, Soros contributions). Inquire within if you would like more details on the methodology.

Patriot –

Hillary Clinton just called me out personally, and I need your help right way.

Prompted by absolutely nothing, late last night Hillary Clinton slammed me on Twitter reminding her ten million followers that I am a number one target of the Democrats.

Patriot, from the presidential nominee all the way down to local Leftist groups, the ENTIRE national democrat machine is coming together to attack me.

Make no mistake, this tweet is going to result in a fundraising avalanche for my opponent, who is already outspending me because of help from liberals like billionaire George Soros.

I need your URGENT support to fight back against their attacks. Please contribute ANY AMOUNT you can afford right now, before it's too late.

With only 5 days remaining in this extremely contentious election cycle, the Democrat nominee is now teaming up the with corrupt Obama DOJ to personally target me – a locally elected Sheriff!

Stand with JOE >> $250

Stand with JOE >> $150

Stand with JOE >> $100

Stand with JOE >> $75

Stand with JOE >> $50

Donate Another Amount >>

The only chance I have of fighting back against this politically motivated witch-hunt is for principled Americans like YOU to stand with me.

I am counting on you to help me fight back against Hillary Clinton, Obama's corrupt DOJ, liberal billionaire George Soros, and the local and national media who are ALL working together to take me down.

Please do not delay Patriot, without your help today I fear that this Democrat witch-hunt against me will be a success.

Hillary Clinton, who is facing her OWN investigation with the DOJ for gravely mishandling matters of national security on her own private email server, made it clear to her millions of followers last night that I am a number one target of the Democrat machine.

I am convinced that the Democrats will stop at NOTHING to take me down.

That's why I am not going to stop until the final vote is cast on election day. And that's why I am asking for your help RIGHT NOW.

If you are still with me, now is the time I need you most. Please let me hear from you today with a donation of ANY AMOUNT.

Thank you,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County,
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