Saturday, November 19, 2016

WATCH: McCain: Senate Should Give the President A Honeymoon, But Not On Torture

The main story from Arizona Senator John McCain's remarks today at the Halifax International Security Forum was his warning the incoming Trump Administration to avoid waterboarding, but he also urged Democratic Senators to help pass some of the Trump priorities.

"It would be far better for us if we gave the President a honeymoon and worked together and presented him with things like tax reform, repatriation of... a good, solid defense bill that we could all support. There's a number of areas that are open to cooperation between Republicans and Democrats, and that's what I think all of us are committed to do."

By "repatriation", he was apparently referring to bringing home what he said is $2T "that is parked overseas, bring it home and invest it in infrastructure." He also indicated that the GOP is going to fix Obamacare with or without Democrats, but that it would be better if there were fixes made with bi-partisan support.

McCain also participated in the session discussing Syria, titled "Because Syria: I’m Your Friendly Neighborhood Terrorist". Also in that discussion were Ministers from Turkey and France, and Gen. (ret.) John Allen.

The Halifax International Security Forum takes place each November in Halifx, Nova Scotia (Canada).

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