Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WATCH: Fmr VP (and, Arizonan) Dan Quayle At Trump Tower Today; Is Ben Quayle Making The Trip, Too?

Arizona's Dan Quayle - formerly Vice President of the U.S. (under George H.W. Bush) - was in Trump Tower today. He apparently caught many younger reporters by surprise.
(click on pic for video)
Speculation immediately began about what Quayle discussed with President-Elect Donald Trump,  though a Cabinet position for the elder Quayle may seem to be unlikely. Of course, some Arizonans may begin to wonder whether the subject of former Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle came up. The latter is currently a registered lobbyist.

A quick review of FEC records by Arizona's Politics shows that neither Quayle contributed to any Republican Presidential candidate this year.
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