Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UPDATE: Rep. Biggs Keeping Sherry Pierce On Staff Despite Bribery Indictment

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs (R-CD5) is keeping Sherry Pierce on his staff as Deputy District Director, notwithstanding the bribery indictment filed against her in federal court last week.

Daniel Stefanski (Biggs' Communications Director) confirmed this morning that the wife of former Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce is still working in the Mesa office (and not on paid leave). Stefanski has not answered any of Arizona's Politics' questions about the Congressman's working relationships with either Pierce, or the other two individuals (lobbyist Jim Norton and utility owner George Johnson) indicted.

While Biggs' office would have to file a termination report with the House Ethics Committee for senior staffers, Pierce's position is exempted because she is only earning half of the filing threshold. (Must earn approximately $124,000/year, while Pierce earned $63,327 in 2016.)

The political consulting firm at the center of the bribery indictment - Axiom Public Affairs - was Rep. Biggs' chief vendor for his successful 2016 race; The Biggs' campaign reported paying Axiom $329,592 during the election cycle (and has reimbursed Axiom travel expenses this  year).

For more on the fallout from the indictment, see this article from the Arizona Republic's Yvonne Wingett Sanchez this afternoon.

(Professional gratitude to Legistorm reporter - and headline writer extraordinaire - Ketura Hetrick.)

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